Who We Are

Who We Are

RMT is where expertise meets entrepreneurship. It’s where healthcare challenges are answered.

The healthcare industry is always evolving. And as it evolves, the challenges continue to mount. As healthcare and technology innovators and experts, RMT exists to meet the demands now and well into the future. Led by our founder and CEO, Todd Roberti, we’ve modernized infrastructures and streamlined b2b processes. And we’ve done it all to help our clients achieve optimal growth and profitability.

We’re here for you now. And well into the future.

At RMT, we never stop innovating. From day one, our mission has been to enable our customers to create long-term economic success. In order to do that, we will continue to add to our portfolio of relevant and efficient technology solutions.

Our shared infrastructure enables organizations to improve operational efficiencies and optimize on new revenue opportunities in a multitude of ways.




RMT's Mission is to create an advanced and complete enterprise class architecture using cloud based artificial intelligence, smart processes with Blockchain initiatives and future-proof technologies to produce a completely transparent, efficient and time savings business model created to unplug the catastrophic industry voids that exist across our current global healthcare ecosystem.

Leadership Team

Today's industry continues to face a multitude of voids and challenges. As Healthcare and Technology professionals, RMT's Leadership Team lead by visionary expert, Todd Roberti, RMT's Founder and CEO, felt a responsibility to explore new technology and viable resources in order to bring to market a modernized infrastructure created to improve and streamline b2b processes and efficiencies with a promise to deliver value, optimal growth and profitability to their clients.


Executive Team


Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

At Ringmaster Technologies, we are constantly striving to provide the best value to our customers. That's why we have partnered with some of the best technology providers in the market. These partnerships allow us to provide world-class scalable software to our customers. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships that can enrich our customer experience. Our rich set of APIs allows us to integrate with all other lines of business applications seamlessly. Interested in a partnership? Click the learn more button to contact us.

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A Look into the Future

A Look into the Future

RMT's main focus and continued mission is to enable our customers the ability to create long term economic success by delivering relevant and efficient technology solutions.

Our shared infrastructure will offer organizations a multitude of ways to improve operational efficiencies and optimize on new revenue opportunities and emerging ecosystems.

As we look to the future we envision a world where our smart contract system will have the ability to pay out against a claim without any cumbersome administrative paperwork for either the policyholder or the insurer.

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