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We are Ringmaster Technologies and we’re changing the way you prepare and process RFQs. Our secure, cloud-based portal allows for unparalleled efficiency in managing documents, workflows, and conversations. Our automated technology enables real-time access for RFQ originators and responders. None of the waiting. None of the manual processes. None of the headaches. With RMT, you can get back to what’s important-optimized cost savings and creating value for your clients to help your company grow.


Ringmaster Technology, Inc. (RMT) is a cloud-based healthcare solutions provider

We empower our clients by providing synergistic systems with blockchain applications to automate, connect and streamline every critical business process. RMT's initial focus is to develop a complete solution for Quote to Contract automation with real time collaboration and smart contract intelligence. RMT drives its client's success by providing an error-proof architecture which will reduce processing time and increase overall accuracy while eliminating revenue losses through greater trust and transparency. RMT's mission is to enable our customers to create value and sustain long term success by delivering relevant and efficient technology solutions.



  • Grow Market Share
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Reduction in Admin Expense
  • Real-Time Contracting
  • Process Faster
  • Auto Renewals
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Better Compliance
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RMT Platform

RMT Platform

The RMT platform was specifically designed to work with the many different mission-critical systems that our customers already have in place. Our founding principle is to augment these systems and remove administrative inefficiencies across them using improved technology like smart contracts, advanced data analytics, and customizable forms and workflows. Using these technologies, we are able to integrate with your existing systems to reduce inefficiencies and provide value through administrative savings as well as an expansion of the market for both payers and underwriters.

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Ringmaster Technologies, Inc. (RMT) is a cloud based software provider developed to connect every critical business process for the Healthcare Industry. RMT utilizes Blockchain initiatives and Smart Contracts to deliver a completely automated Quote to Contract transformation. RMT is dedicated to improve the overall workflow and timelines associated with quoting, contracting, accounting and claims settlement for TPA's, Brokers and MGU's.
To enable our customers the ability to create long term economic success by delivering relevant and efficient technology solutions.
Q2C, or Quote to Contract, is an application designed to enable companies the ability to produce accurate and highly configured Requests for Quotes (RFQ) making all of the manual process and business rules centralized, automated and in real-time.
Many business processes have been automated and digitized. But for years the Q2C, and for that matter the entire RFQ process, has been anchored in manual steps. An automated RFQ tool not only cuts quoting time down dramatically but also saves time and expense by minimizing errors.
Yes, RMT utilizes cloud-based computing as a way to increase capacity, enhance functionality and add additional services on demand without having to commit to potentially expensive infrastructure costs.
  • RMT Form Designer RMT’s platform has been built to allow for complete out of the box customization to match our customer’s existing business process. At the core of this concept is our forms designer. Using our designer our customers can create their own forms to match their contract request needs. This flexibility allows us to mimic the current paper forms being used by our customers today thus eliminating much of the learning curve to adapt to our technology.
  • RMT Workflow Designer The entire purpose of the RMT solution is to automate business processes that are often laborious and manual in nature. The way we automate those business processes is through workflow. Our Workflow Designer is built to allow you to build the automated process to match the manual process you are using today. Your workflow should mimic your current business process while taking advantage of all the automation RMT has to offer.
  • RMT Query Designer We at RMT believe that data is king. Throughout the quoting and contracting process there are multiple interactions and touch points that are all tracked and maintained in our platform. This data combined with the post close data like prescription benefit information, claimant information and general customer relationship management (CRM) information can be very powerful if you have the ability to search across all of the relevant data in one combined interface
  • RMT Connector RMT understands the need to integrate multiple business applications together. This includes the RMT Q2C platform. The RMT Connector allows us to provide an Electronic Data Interchange to consume and exchange data between disperse lines of business applications. We provide the ability to connect with adjudication platforms, PBM platforms, ERP systems or any other lines of business applications.
  • RMT Smart Contract Engine One of the founding principles behind the RMT platform is the usage of blockchain smart contract technology. Smart contracts allow us to automate tasks that usually require a third party. Removing the third party allows for time and cost savings because everything is written into the blockchain. When a contract is about to expire the blockchain can send an automated notification. If a deductible has been met, the smart contract in the blockchain can notify all the third-party systems in real-time.
  • RMT Blockchain Explorer All smart contracts that are published to the blockchain will be monitored and visible using RMT’s Blockchain Explorer. The explorer allows our customers to see all the data and workflow transaction of their deployed business processes.
The customer is what it’s all about…
Our customers’ create our success and exceeding customer expectations is our belief. No matter how big or small of a customer is, it will be delivered with the highest quality. Every employee knows that listening to a customer needs is the foundation to our product development and that we place unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.
It’s easy to get started with RMT. All you need to do is:
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  • Fill-out the required information.
  • Immediately following receipt an RMT Executive will contact you.
It’s that simple...
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