Why Ringmaster Technologies?

RMT is dedicated to the development of innovative software designed to modernize reinsurance administration, and reporting for Carriers, Managing General Underwriters (MGUs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and Brokers. Automating the manual processes can significantly reduce operating costs, increase speed of processing and reduce errors. Implementing automated data integration and technology systems can help executives develop and achieve their strategies.



Re-Insurance Carriers and MGUs

RMT utilizes the latest in secure cloud based technology to create an efficient and sustainable process for Carriers and MGUs. Our platform provides enhanced reporting, analytics and dashboard capabilities. Our system will not only identify new opportunities, but will also eliminate the T&E associated with new client acquisition. Our integrated system seamlessly connects you to all relevant parties and manages all requests and quotes on one screen to easily navigate your potential business and select the appropriate risks and capacities. RMT’s intelligent architecture was designed to revamp the entire underwriting process to be quick and easy and thereby enabling users to efficiently increase their overall quoting capacities.


Third-party Administrators

Third-party Administrators

RMTs focus is on reinvigorating the Q2C process for the TPA industry. It includes an automated approach to organize, send, and track your stop-loss RFQs. Our digitized smart system will compare your quotes for you giving you the information you need to negotiate and find the best deal. Our cloud based platform securely stores all client contracts for the TPA and also will manage all contract effective and renewal deadlines with auto reminders. Additionally, our system allows TPAs to chat internally and externally allowing users to request, update and auto populate client specific information in real time significantly cutting time and administrative costs. RMT will protect, manage and exchange your data in a trusted environment. RMT will not replace your current data repository system, but will supplement them with secured exchange capabilities.


Brokers and Consultants

Brokers and Consultants

RMT has created a simplified way for brokers and consultants to safely share critical client specific data on a completely secured platform. Our trusted network will enhance the way in which brokers and consultants communicate with carriers and MGUs. With connections to more than 90% of the market, RMT can connect you to any stop loss carrier or MGU. Executives can seamlessly connect with multiple parties as well as compare and share quotes all under one control system.